9pm rolls up, office shuts down. Brought in a buddy who does a little DJ work, no big deal … Deadmau5 had nothing going on anyways. Buddy Pete brings his makeshift bar to the office and has it set up in less than an hour. Kegs of beer and bottles are dragged in through the back door; kick the desks and chairs to the basement. Champagne bottles popping, people stream in at such a rate that it starts to spill out onto the street. City lights are vibrant and coalesce with the disco lights shimmering out the windows. Looking over to my co-founder as he’s head deep, legs out in a power-keg stand stance.

“Man… we did it. We really did it.”


“The homepage???” a trembling voice comes out from one developer sitting nimbly behind his computer screen, startled by the footsteps of a pacing CEO who is now spouting random rhetoric about spaceships, infrared wavelengths and the underestimated quality of an American Standard toilet..


...Well, not quite like this but more or less there's a group of people sitting in an office at 9pm on a Saturday, and all is heard is the sounds of keys clicking in the background while the team tries to get done 1, 2 … ah wait I forgot about that... OK, 5 more additions and design upgrades before this product goes live in t-minus 3 hours.

The party seems distant. There are a million other things still to do and we keep rocking in our chairs repeating to ourselves a quote that our Art Director heard at a recent conference: “If your first version is perfect, then you’ve launched too late.. If your first version is perfect, then you've launched too late”.

Yep. We’re live.