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Explore and Create

Brüha is your one place to learn about all the things going on in your community. Explore events and venues, or create your own and advertise them to the community for free.

Sell Tickets

Brüha helps you sell advance tickets for your events. For one of the lowest fees on the market, use Brüha's ticket selling platform to sell tickets, track customers and easily scan buyers at the door.

Increase Sales

What separates us from the rest, our core value, is in our ability to increase your ticket sales. That's right! Use Brüha for your next event, and be sure to ask us about our Content Marketing program and our Sub(Promoter) program. Our goal is to increase your sales!

Create event listings and sell tickets with us to increase the awareness of your next event and boost ticket sales.


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Explore hundreds of local events and happenings to find your next experience. Use our unique filtering options to find events that interest you.

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