Who can use Brüha?

The quick answer is anyone and everyone. We’ve got something that will fit the needs of almost anyone. Whether you’re looking to sell tickets for an upcoming Event, list your Venue for free advertisement or even list your Organization to help put you on the map, there’s definitely a solution for you.

On the flip side, our platform is a great way for you to stay connected to your local community, see what’s going on at any given time, and even purchase tickets to an upcoming Event.

Why would someone use Brüha?

There are a number of use reasons for why someone would and should use our platform. The most common ones are listed below:

  • List your Event on our platform to gain exposure – it’s FREE
  • List your Venue on our platform to gain visibility – it’s FREE
  • List your Organization on our platform to put you on the map – it’s FREE
  • Sell Tickets for an Upcoming Event (View Pricing)
  • Purchase Tickets to an upcoming Event
  • Explore content and find out what’s happening in your local community

Can I still create a listing with Brüha if I don’t organize Events?

Absolutely! It’s not just about Events here, Venues and Organizations play an important part of our community as well. Whether you’re a Venue owner or a manager of an Organization, creating a listing on Bruha to gain added exposure is absolutely free. Start creating your listing for free by click here.

Can I create an Event on Brüha if I am not selling tickets?

Of course! All Events (whether they’re free or there’s a fee) are welcomed on our platform. And even if you choose to sell tickets with another ticket-retail provider, you’re more than welcome to use our services to gain an added boost and some additional eyes on your Event. Click here to start creating your Event.

What types of Events can I create/list on Brüha?

All types of Events are welcome on our platform. It’s not just the music gigs, club nights or comedy shows. To see the full list of Events currently on our platform click here.

What types of Venues can I create/list on Brüha?

There are a bunch of different types of Venue categories that you can choose from to create and list your Venue on our platform. Some common Venues include: Bars/Pubs, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Galleries. To see the full list of Venues currently on our platform, click here.

What types of Organizations can I create/list on Brüha?

Same deal here with Events and Venues, there are a bunch of different category options when it comes to creating and listing Organizations. Some common Organizations include: Student Groups, Promoters, Not-For-Profit Organizations, and Businesses. To see the full list of Organizations currently listed on our platform, click here.

How do I create an Event, Venue, or Organization listing?

Creating any listing (Event, Venue, or Organization) on our platform is extremely easy and economically-friendly (in other words, it’s FREE!). There are a few basic things you’ll need first before your listing goes live. These include:

  • A header image (660px x 320px)
  • Title/name of your listing
  • Dates (if running an Event)
  • Description of the listing
  • Location of the listing
  • Contact information

Get started and create your listing by clicking here.

Do I need to have an account to use Brüha?

You don’t need to, but we definitely encourage you to do so! In all seriousness, creating an account on our platform is not mandatory at all. If you’re just looking to quickly browse and checkout what’s happening then you won’t need to create an account or sign in. However, if you’re looking to create a listing, sell tickets, or even follow (get Addicted) to your favourite Venues for example, then you’ll need to create an account and be logged in.

What are Addictions and how can I use them?

Some call them favourites, we call them Addictions. Get Addicted to your favourite Events, Venues, and Organizations. Addictions will keep you notified and help keep you up to date on any recent updates or news published by any accounts/listings that you’re currently Addicted to. They’re called Addictions, because that’s exactly what they are. These are the Events, the Venues, and the Organizations that you just can’t skip a beat and miss out on what might be happening with them. Don’t listen to what they taught you in school, Addictions are great!

How do I know when I have successfully purchased a ticket on Brüha?

Great question and we’re glad you asked (yes buy, buy, buy)! After buying a ticket you should receive a confirmation on the page in addition to receiving an email confirmation with receipt of your successful ticket purchase. This email confirmation will also contain your physical and printable ticket, so hold on to this and don’t delete your emails!

If you’ve recently purchased a ticket but haven’t received any email confirmation check your spam inbox. If you’re still not seeing anything there then give us a shout at info@bruha.com with the subject line RE: Ticket Confirmation.

Am I able to edit or delete a listing after I have created one?

You definitely can! Under the ‘My Creations’ page you’ll see all of the listings (Events, Venues, and Organizations) that you’ve created. To edit/quickly change one of your listings, click on the Event, Venue or Organization you want to change. Once you’re on the ‘More Info’ page for this listing, you’ll see options to edit your listing in the top left corner. Deleting requires that your event be put into draft mode (Located near the bottom of the edit page); this will make the event visible only to you.

What are the fees for using Brüha’s services?

That depends exactly what you’re looking to use our platform for. For the most part, using our platform is absolutely free! That includes being able to Explore content and create any listing/content that you see fit. Fees are only associated with selling and purchasing tickets! See the ticket pricing page for more information.

If I sell tickets to an Event, how do I collect my money?

At this time we offer two options to receive money:

Brüha e-transfer’s you the money to the e-mail account that is associated with your Brüha user profile.

We also give the option to collect the funds through your PayPal account. By attaching your PayPal account to your Brüha user profile, you will have the option to select PayPal transfer in the CREATE page.

Brüha’s payment policy provides that you will receive funds within 30 days from the end date of the event. However, our Finance team works hard to make sure you receive your money ASAP!