5.00% + 0.60
per ticket sold
Service fees are added to the ticket price and paid for by the Ticket Buyer. There are no fees added for Free Events.

Tickets are e-mailed to the purchaser only and uploaded on their Brüha user account (if applicable). The seller receives updates on ticket sales in their Brüha account on the Brüha apps.

Payment Policy

Customers can advertise their events, organization or venue for free on Brüha, and may also choose to sell their event tickets on the Brüha platforms, but this process is optional. Brüha collects money via online credit card, debit card, and PayPal payments only and currently uses Braintree as it's online payment processor.


Upon creating an event, the Customer may choose to sell tickets for their event on Brüha. The Customer sets how many tickets are available for sale and at what price each ticket cost to purchase.

Brüha adds its fee to the Customer’s ticket price that the ticket purchaser will pay. The Customer is given three options as to how they would like the money transferred to them:

  • Option 1. The Customer can choose to be 'paid out' by a merchant account like Pay Pal.
  • Option 2. The Customer can choose to be ‘paid out’ their ticket sales by e-Transfer.
  • Option 3. The Customer can choose the be ‘paid out' by direct deposit. Banking information is required.

For long term ticket sales like festivals, admission to a gallery, post secondary sporting events and so forth,Brüha offers the option to be paid out on the 1st and 15th of every month for no additional fee. Our Finance Department will deposit the funds twice a month in order to assure you receive your money faster. If you require advanced payouts that differ from our current plan, we'd be happy to construct a program that works best for you. Please contact our Finance Department for more information at Please note that additional fee's may be applied to custom payout programs