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Bruha is a local entertainment and ticketing platform. It’s a Website, iOS and Android application that aims to streamline the process of finding things to do in your local community and purchasing tickets.

Our platform provides an opportunity for event-goers, event professionals, venue owners, and even local organizations to stay connected to one another.



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Buy & Sell Tickets


Brüha makes buying tickets easy, whether they are being sold on Brüha or through another ticket provider. Press the ‘Buy Tickets’ button and you will be navigated to a page where you can select ticket type and quantity. Upon confirming tickets, you will be prompted to input your credit card information.

If you have a Brüha user account (free to create), tickets will show up under “My Tickets”. If you do not have a Brüha account, you will be asked to input your email and tickets will show up in your inbox.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly at and we will respond asap!


Brüha is a free platform to advertise your events, and the next best reason to get your stuff on Brüha is our Ticket selling model. Margins can sometimes be thin when promoting an event and to assure that promoters make ends meet we do not charge you the transaction fees on the ticket sale. Instead, transaction fees are billed on top of the ticket price to the purchaser.

What this means for you is that if you are selling tickets for $20.00, you are receiving 100% of the sale upon payment. Click here to see our pricing details.

It’s the buildings you step inside; the events you attend; the artists; the organizations; the days spent together and wild nights as to what makes your community so alive! Project Brüha is a collective effort of hard working individuals whose goal is to promote local culture, arts and entertainment. In it’s simplest form, we strive to engage you with the community and the community with you.

- Graeme Davis, CEO Brüha