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Brüha uses a unique algorithm to connect product users with, local events that are relative to their interests

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Make managing the door easy. Brüha Exclusive allows you to scan tickets from any mobile device.

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Customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. We offer customized solutions to help get your event additional exposure it deserves. Get questions answered quick and Sell Tickets Faster.

"Bruha was the very thing I had been looking for, for about 10 years. They handled all the ticketing for the 11th annual Hamilton Film Festival and were on top of things every step of the way. They were very keen on understanding how the festival worked and made sure the client experience was just as easy and accessible as the customer’s. I am looking forward to another great year working with Bruha. They completely fit our mandate of earning the “Hamilton” in our title."

Nathan Fleet / CEO
Hamilton Film Festival

"We produced the first ever STUFFED! shop-local stocking stuffer event in 2016, and made Bruha a big part of our launch and marketing. Working with a local team proved to be the right fit for this event and our shoppers. The enthusiasm and creativity they put into promoting our event had an strong impact on attendance. This was our first time offering online ticket sales at one of our events, and it was a success! The arrival process for shoppers with tickets was very smooth using the app and website. It also allowed us to have a separate line for existing ticket holders, which made the line move a lot faster as guests arrived. We look forward to using Bruha for all events in our portfolio!"

"Brüha’s biggest strengths are their customer service and marketing support, something that you won’t get from bigger, mainstream ticketing platforms. They were attentive to our needs as event organizers and successfully leveraged their knowledge of the Hamilton community to promote our signature events."

Alyssa Lai
Public relations professional Chair (2016)
Hamilton HIVE