May 24th 2017 07:30 PM - May 24th 2017 08:30 PM

C.R. Avery 'Book Launch & Blues'

635 King Street East, Hamilton, ON, Canada

C.R. Avery 'Book Launch & Blues'


This is C.R. Avery's 'The Black Water Under August Moon Parade' book launch. We'll hear some poetry readings, and some blues. 

Here's what the presss is saying....

" ...riveting & rewarding." - Lonesome Highway Magazine ( Ireland)

" ...a cultural magpie who's impossible to pidgin whole." - Net Rhythm Magazine ( Scotland)

" ...imagine if Neil Young was inspired by hip-hop." - Vancouver Sun ( CAN )

" ...their mix of high art & low brow amounted to the ultimate rock show. " - Exclaim! Magazine ( CAN )

" ... audacious & astounding " - London Time out Magazine (Uk) " like a collaboration between Beck & The Beastie Boys at their most experimental cross roads" - Music Guide ( US )

" first there was The Beats, then Hunter S. Thompson, now there's C.R. Avery. " - Kruger Magazine (UK)

What men do with their mouths Bio for c.r avery By P. Smith....... cue the frenzied combo of molar and spit. his tongue touches every chroma on its way to blue. he’s been rinsing with gravel, flossing with wire and chewing brick again, he’s been a bad, bad boy. but he is crackerjack conjurer of washboards and rubber, even suburb girls welcome the twinging. i want to nibble yesterday’s corona from his chin, rub my index finger along the surface of his laugh, pull the maw open to check the slick road of his throat. there’s something illegal going on down there, the sweet keening of ancient instruments. the orchestra is fidgety, click-hipped, steaming inside that skin. the boy opens the beauteous and, in gut rendering, words become both otherwise and everything.

Please note, this is NOT one of the regular Southern Supper events, hosted by Mississippi Queen Foods. The cover charge is $10 per person, and you will be able to order food, from a menu as follows: Vegetarian Creole Beans & Rice; Catfish, Shrimp, Okra, & Sausage Gumbo served over white rice; Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya; Blackened U.S. Delta Farm Raised Catfish Fillets; Coleslaw with Remoulade Dressing; Buttermilk Cornbread Muffins; Pecan Pie; and Peach Cobbler. 

Please note this is a LICENSED EVENT. Please note a second sitting will be added, if the first one sells out



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