July 23rd 2017 02:00 PM - July 23rd 2017 04:00 PM

DANCE SERIES 2 of 5: An Introduction to American Tribal Style® Bellydance with Elysium Tribal

270 Sherman Avenue North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

DANCE SERIES 2 of 5: An Introduction to American Tribal Style® Bellydance with Elysium Tribal


American Tribal Style® bellydance is a non-competitive dance form based on group improvisation...it may look like a choreography but it's not! Developed in California, this modern fusion blends elements of Egyptian bellydance and Flamenco with tribal movements of Northern Africa, India and Central Asia.  

 It is a workout for your body and your brain and now is the time for you to discover how much fun it can be! During this workshop, you'll enjoy an exciting performance by Elysium Tribal, Hamilton's premier ATS® dance troupe. Hear a brief history of the dance form, then join in as we break down a number of basic movements for you to try. From  graceful hand floreos to knock out hip shimmies, you'll be moving to the music in no time! We will end the workshop with a large group dance as a lively celebration of your new found skills. No experience necessary! American Tribal Style® bellydance is naturally inclusive, supportive, intuitive and joyful. If these qualities appeal to you, your tribe is waiting for you! This workshop has a participation fee of $5.00. 



The Quilt of Belonging

The Quilt of Belonging will be exhibited at The Cotton Factory in Hamilton from July 10 until August 16, 2017.  The Quilt of Belonging is a textile art project, spanning 120 feet.  It is comprised of 263 blocks, each created to recognize Canada’s diversity.  It celebrates our common humanity and promotes compassion among people. This Canadian icon Exhibit will also include daily program. Programming is continuous and diverse, and was developed to include a breadth of activities from a variety of cultural groups within the region of Hamilton Halton and Brant. It includes the following elements: Weekly demonstrations, Weekend workshops, Thursday Night Talks, Friday Night Performances, Saturday Night Concerts, A Grand Opening Event (July 10th)

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