September 13th 2017 12:00 PM - September 13th 2017 01:00 PM

Impact Investing: Using Entrepreneurship, Sharing and Design to Drive Change

115 King Street East, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Impact Investing: Using Entrepreneurship, Sharing and Design to Drive Change


Hamilton has been undergoing a remarkable renaissance that continues to attract attention from across the country. This urban rival has created a great environment for entrepreneurs, community builders and investors to make a major impact locally. Our emerging coworking community has been a catalyst for change, forming a professional network that has grown across the city. Places like CoMotion on King, CoMotion 302, The Seedworks, The Cotton Factory and Steel City Studio have become home to over 100 thriving businesses led by passionate entrepreneurs. 


We would like to bring this creative group together for a discussion on using entrepreneurship, sharing, and design to drive change in the Hamilton community. We are delighted to have a number of amazing speakers share their insights on how to make an impact locally through entrepreneurship, sharing, and design.





12:00pm - 12:05pm: Welcome and Introductions to Speakers




12:05pm - 12:20pm

Paul McGrath: is CEO of The Laundry Design Works, a fully integrated marketing and design studio in Hamilton. He is also the Owner of Pine and Dale, Burlington's longest running Barbershop. Paul has a passion and drive for all things creative. He will be discussing the role that design and branding plays in entrepreneurship, and how you can use it to resonate with your target audience.


12:20pm - 12:35pm

Thomas Allenis an award winning architectural journalist who was born and raised in Hamilton. His blog Rebuild Hamilton is all about chronicling the architecture of the city. Thomas will be presenting The New Urban Zeitgeist and Progress in Hamilton, discussing the urban movement and what we look for in the design of cities.


12:35pm - 12:50pm

Joe Accardi: is CEO of Forge & Foster, an investment management company based in Hamilton. He has been investing in real estate and local businesses for the last 10 years and has a strong track record for making big ideas come to life. Some of the businesses he owns or is partnered on include CoMotion Group, Honest Foods Group, and Ambitious Reality. Joe will be discussing the idea of impact investing as a collective group to positively transform our community. 


Food will be provided by Bonanza Bakery. 





Forge & Foster Investment Management

Forge & Foster is not your typical investment management company. Though officially formed in 2016, we have been investing in Hamilton businesses and real estate for over a decade, and now manage close to $100 million in assets. Unlike many investment management companies, we remain involved in our investments from concept to evolution. Our goal is to create an innovative approach to business and investments; source investment from our community, find the right partners to actively grow the investment, and work hand in hand with them to elevate the investment to the highest standards.