October 14th 2017 10:00 AM - October 14th 2017 03:00 PM

Kavanah - Ageing and Sageing

6210 Lowville Park Road, Burlington, ON, Canada

Kavanah - Ageing and Sageing


As we move through life we often find ourselves surprised by how quickly it goes by. We give only a glancing thought as to how we feel about our own mortality and the legacy we want to leave. In a safe and caring environment we will explore how we might move from merely being Seniors, dependent and vulnerable, to becoming Sages. Cultivating and harvesting our wisdom to pass on to those we love and those so can make a real difference in our families and communities. I will be offering a series of one day workshops at several locations in the GTHA including Hamilton and Toronto. Our first workshop will be at Thinkspot in Lowville situated in a beautiful retreat setting just north of Burlington on October 14/17.


The full day offering will include guided meditations. Deep listening exercises and the formation of a spiritual and ethical will. Not what things  we leave behind but instead what we want to say today to those we care so much about. Participants can be of any age and background. 




Kavanah - The Wisdom School Harvesting and sharing a Life’s Wisdom On reflection and after being offered sage advice I want to focus the activity of this centre around creating a new pathway away from being relegated to the status of Seniors drifting towards dependency and isolation to cultivating and sharing our life’s wisdom in an engaged and vital way. I am thinking of this project as the creation of what we could playfully call a Spiritual Fitness Centre. An inclusive space where we I can offer workshops that help us build our spiritual muscles as we give deeper thought and respect to the autumn of our lives. Workshops in Ageing and Sageing, Walking the Sacred Trail-world wisdom shared on the Bruce, Jewish Meditation , Creating a Spiritual and Ethical Will, as well as other offerings that can grow as the Centre takes form. As an ordained Spiritual Director I would also offer individual and group Hashpa’ah. (Spiritual companionship). These workshops would be available for a reasonable fee and individual means will be taken in to account. Input and growth will come from those who engage with the Wisdom School, but suffice to say the purpose is to build a meaningful spirit based set of workshops and reach out to others in the greater Hamilton spiritual and eldering community.

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