November 7th 2017 07:00 PM - November 7th 2017 08:30 PM

Cana-Doc Shorts

27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Cana-Doc Shorts


Cana-Doc Shorts is a collection of Canadian Documentary short films. (93m)

A Spark in the Dark: Tinder Users in the North 

(Christopher Healey / James Healey / Documentary / Canada  15m)

A Spark in the Dark: Tinder Users in the North explores love & technology in a small, remote town during the dark and freezing sub-arctic winter. This short doc follows the stories of four Tinder users who share their perspective about Dawson City's unique relationship with dating apps.


Micro plastics in the Great Lakes

(Brett Rogers / Doc / 10m)


Handmade Film

(Christina Ienna / Canada / 5m)

Handmade film is a rarely practiced craft in today's film industry. Lindsay McIntyre spends three days making the film emulsion she shoots on than develops herself.

Whyte Snuff

(Johnathan Benny / Canada / 27m)

Whyte Snuff chronicles the final day of business for Edmonton shop owner Mark Frost who, after 30 years, has been forced to shut his doors for good. Through his story and that of the people around him, we witness the changing face of Whyte Avenue and the sinister presence that in the eyes of some, is slowly killing it.

Tomato Town

(Nathan Black / Canada / 12m)

Tomato Town is the story of Leamington, Ontario and its struggles with unemployment and identity following the closure of the century old Heinz processing plant. Local farmers, ex-employees and residents tell their personal stories, and explain how Canada’s tomato capital fought the dying demand for tomatoes.


(Andy Reid / Canada / 3m)

A look into the Westdale Cinema and its significance to Hamilton culture, narrated by Aidan Johnson.


(Amar Wala / Canada / 16m)

In a case that may set a global precedent, “Stateless” illustrates the life of Canadian-born Deepan Budlakoti as he faces deportation to India – a country he has never set foot in. Victim to a turbulent childhood and stigmatization for his criminal past, Deepan not only faces the legal repercussions of being stateless, but he also deals with the severe internal struggle that comes with having one’s birthright to home revoked. Ultimately, Stateless is an examination of citizenship, identity, and belonging – if being born and bred in one place for an entire lifetime is not enough, then what is?

About Employment

(Lindsay Fitzgerald / Canada / 5m)

About Employment is a portrait of a fierce woman and her search for work in a world she cannot see. Yin Brown began to lose her sight in her early twenties and has since struggled with finding a stable job. With a strong voice, Yin takes us through each step of the arduous job hunting process from crossing the street to arriving at an interview. Throughout the course of the film, difficult questions are raised about the perception of people with disabilities in the job market and the ethics about making a film about a subject who inevitably will not be able to see.




Hamilton Film Festival

The 14th annual Hamilton Film Festival is Hamilton's largest and longest running film festivals with roots that go back 20 years! ​ We have screened over 1000 films, 700 of them Canadian Films! Filmmakers, travel to our event, from all over the world. We connect filmmakers and give them another voice. ​We celebrate the art of movie making from concept to completion. From the budding filmmaker to the pro, we are always working to move the film industry in Hamilton a little further each year! The event is a leader in the local film community, bringing industry development and quality networking opportunities throughout the year. The Canadian Film Market, Lights Camera Hamilton, Southern Ontario Film Festival Group and Kids Can Film are all initiatives of the Hamilton Film Festival.

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