November 9th 2017 09:00 PM - November 9th 2017 11:00 PM

JAM / DUDE - 2 Ontario Music Documentaries

27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

JAM / DUDE - 2 Ontario Music Documentaries



(Robert Waldeck / Mark Tonin / Canada / 38m)

Jamland is more than a concert in the woods. It’s a state of mind. This documentary explores a grassroots music festival and includes poignant human interest stories. It’s a film about music, life, and love, and the way music can take us out of our day to day problems and make us feel better.

Et Tu, Dude?

(Travis Welowszky / Canada / 50m) 

Set against the backdrop of the fading, post-industrial London, Ontario, an uncelebrated underclass of Do-It-Yourself musicians stare down a bleak, marginalized future while searching for meaning in their community. Revelations and catharsis for their powerful histories are only revealed in an underground venue circuit of dimly lit basements, sleazy apartments, and empty art galleries where they perform and continue to go virtually unnoticed by a placid, indifferent city. Et Tu, Dude? serves as an intimate and captivating documentation of small-town Canadian musicians screaming unheard into the void.

The Hamilton Film Festival screened the short version of Et Tu, Dude in 2015. 



Hamilton Film Festival

The 14th annual Hamilton Film Festival is Hamilton's largest and longest running film festivals with roots that go back 20 years! ​ We have screened over 1000 films, 700 of them Canadian Films! Filmmakers, travel to our event, from all over the world. We connect filmmakers and give them another voice. ​We celebrate the art of movie making from concept to completion. From the budding filmmaker to the pro, we are always working to move the film industry in Hamilton a little further each year! The event is a leader in the local film community, bringing industry development and quality networking opportunities throughout the year. The Canadian Film Market, Lights Camera Hamilton, Southern Ontario Film Festival Group and Kids Can Film are all initiatives of the Hamilton Film Festival.

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