November 7th 2017 09:00 PM - November 7th 2017 11:00 PM

Experimental Shorts

25 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Experimental Shorts




(Oliver Bittner / Germany / 14m)

The past, the present and the future have our fates in their hands. Concentration is not their strong point. As such, the lifelines of several people ger mixed up. Nothing can be certain anymore, and even those who are responsible for it all are near to end. Until the moment.... 

The film is a merciless epiphany oft he abysmally irrational in a wounded world, or so. 


See Weeds

(Dawn George / Canada / 3) 

An examination of three weeds - dandelion, coltsfoot, and goldenrod and each weed’s direct effects on film stock, via hand-processing with eco-processing techniques. The three weeds were first shot on Super 8mm film and hand processed in caffenol. Each roll of film was then transferred, via optical printer, to 16mm stock and then hand-developed in its own respective “weedol.” Each roll of 16mm film was then stained with either a dandelion, coltsfoot, or a goldenrod “tea.” The results not only reveal the visual characteristic of each plant but also the filmic qualities that each plant imparts on the film stock.


Plasma Vista

(Sarah Cockings/ Harriet Fleuriot / UK / 7m)

Objects and devices become bodily and manipulative. The magician is a composed cartoon machine repeating tricks and equations. When products become prosthetics does the accessory take some emotional control?



( Christopher Spencer-Lowe / Canada / 12m)

TWO is the fading impressions we struggle to hold on to.

TWO invites you into the real and yet also fabricated memory space of a filmmaker and his young daughter.

TWO is a cinematic rendering of memory itself, shot entirely on Super 8 film. Co-created by its subject Harley from age two to four, it is also a document of the filmmakers' 2 years at home together and an exploration of the line between ‘art’ film and ‘home’ movies, documentation and expression, contrivance and authenticity.


Brutes are Afraid of Silence

(Etienne Boulanger / Canada / 5m)

On a strip of land between two waters, a drummer spreads his rhythm in front of the immense landscape. The popping beats resound through the fjord. The echo resonates between heaven and earth and reaches a group of rowers energetically training on their rowing. Deploying a sublime collective effort larger than life, they try to get the maximum power from their hi-tech craft. 


Roger Ballen's Theatre of Apparitions

(Emma Calder / Ged Haney / UK / 5m)

An animated theatre of dismembered people, beasts and ghosts, dance, tumble, make love and tear themselves apart, a nightmarish subconscious world, in black and white.


(Robert Ezergailis / Canada / 6m) 

Take My Hand

(francesco siro brigiano / Italy / 4m)

An inspirational abstract/autobiographical story. The pursuit of a visionary language, personal and poetic. An emotional journey inside the inner self, in search of hope for growth beyond harshness.


Ornament of Beauty

(Andy Fortenbacher / USA / 4m)



(Josephine Massarella / Canada / 6m)

Shot entirely in 16mm black and white film using single frame photography, 165708 employs in-camera techniques and chemical manipulation of processed film to produce an eidetic study of temporal elasticity. Techniques include flicker, time-lapse, light painting, stop motion, tinting, and toning. Combined with cycles of alternating exposed frames, these methods imbue the work with a rhythmic magnetism, apparent both in the tempo and the aesthetic of the images. A dynamic original score by the acclaimed composer Graham Stewart accompanies the film.



(Mariya Miloshevych / Canada / 5m)

A short film about an artist, a painter who struggles with her own creativity and self-judgment. 



(Jae Woo Kang / Canada / 12m)

Voyeur/Exhibitionist is a two-part experimental short that is an eerie, surrealist exploration of how the eponymous roles play out psychologically on screen. References to Dario Argento, David Lynch, Henri-George Clouzot amongst others can be inferred in this quietly powerful investigation into the different roles played out in the psyche of the gaze seeing, and the gaze seen.



(Yelena Romanova / Kazakhstan / 18m)

The girl warrior rescues the child from the enemy camp. She overcomes death and returns the child  to his mother, accomplished the feat in the name of her family clan.


Ananta Yatra (The Eternal Journey)

(Sunil Pandey / Nepal / 15)

The whole film is about the narrator's revisit to his demised grandmother.


Faded Tropics

(Valentina Alvarado / Spain / 6m)

Filmed in Venezuela and Spain, Trópico Desvaído (Faded Tropics) collapses various modes of representation to explore the transformative processes of geographical and ethnographic inquiry.



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