November 10th 2017 11:55 PM - November 11th 2017 01:30 AM

Midnight, Eh!

27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Midnight, Eh!


Freezer Burn
An enthusiastic business man purchases a freezer.(Marina Bruno / Canada / 8:17)

Don't Click
(Ghey Kim / Canada / 4:35)
A young man watches a snuff film sent to his email. When the film stops half way through, he has the option to continue. To find out what happens next, all he has to do is click.

(Luke Meneok / Canada / 7m)
As if writer's block and an impending deadline aren't stressful enough, this young man now has to deal with two mysterious other-worldly figures, who have suddenly arrived at the worst time to hinder his progress even more.

Bit by Bit
(Colin Baxter / Canada / 4m)
Alex, a shameless cyberbully, yearns for more attention and control whatever the cost. Her day begins with a phone call about online revenue from a unrelated uploaded video. Just as the call ends, she disappears from the street....

Human Cattle
(Carlos Henriques &  Phil Pattison / Canada / 10m)
The Amazon is a beautiful place to visit but you wouldn’t want to die there! Three sexy teenagers take a fun-filled trip out to the Amazon for an exciting getaway filled with seductive pleasures and forbidden desires. Failing to hear the canoe tour guide’s (Mitch Markowitz, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein) warnings about the evils that lurk in the Jungle, they will now have to fight for survival against trigger-happy bounty hunters, blood-thirsty Cannibals and massive flesh-eating monsters.
Featuring gruesome gore and crazy creature FX by The Butcher Shop FX Studio, HUMAN CATTLE is a non-stop, action-packed, all you can eat buffet that critics are calling a “Full-Throttle Balls Out Mind Melter!” (Chris Alexander, 
We dare you to come along for the ride! 

(Michael Lippert / Canada / 60m)
A pregnant writer goes to the country for a week with her manager/husband to unload an old house her long lost uncle left her. But with a deadline looming, the locals lingering and the baby kicking, she's about to learn more about her past than she was Expecting. 



Hamilton Film Festival

“This fest is sure to become the next TIFF it is keeps up this caliber of cinema heaven.” - John Nicol / Filmmaker The 12th Annual Hamilton Film Festival continues to be one of Canada’s most important up-and-coming film festivals. This year’s festival will feature over $25,000 in prize value, plus the opportunity to network with, and pitch your films, scripts and projects. Distributors actively look to the Hamilton Film Festival for titles and we will be releasing a list of films acquired during the 2016 festival. Guests have included Academy Award® winner Colin Chilvers, Daniel Baldwin, Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers), Tony Rosato (SCTV), Marc Blucas (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Robert Miano (Donny Brasco), Frank D’Angelo (Red Maple Leaf), Fred Fuchs (Godfather III Executive Producer, Milton's Secret) Art Hindle (Black Christmas), Doug McGrath (Goin’ Down the Road), Lynne Griffin (Curtains), Julian Richings (Superman: Man of Steel), Kirsten Bodenstedt (COO and Co-Owner of Peregrine Labs) Academy Award® winner Colin Doncaster, Bob Munro (VFX Supervisor), Sean Sullivan (Wayne’s World, Back to the Future III) Lisa Langlois (Class of 1984) and many, many more! Filmmakers and producers attended from Italy, Germany, Austria, France, the USA and all across Canada. We have 14 prize categories, including Jury, Feature, Short, Doc, Actor, Actress, Editing, Cinematography, Screenplay (x2), Music, Student, Truly Independent local award and the legendary Sparquie the Squirrel award! As a “Truly Independent” festival, we are not run by a Board of Directors and we don’t pre-program or pick themes and genres. We let YOUR submissions and selections dictate what we show each year as we accept all genres and lengths! The festival is as diverse as our alumni, who come from over 50 countries around the world. Filmmakers globally are looking to the Hamilton Film Festival as an accessible event with multiple chances to screen, win awards and gain post-festival promotion as our Alumni is our family and your movie never has a shelf life with us. In 2016, we screened 175 films out of 700 submissions so if you have a great film, your chances are very good! We are a festival that is very proud of screening films made by female filmmakers. Last year we screen 45 films by female directors! We are proud to offer, for the second year, the Canadian Film Market which runs the final weekend of the festival and will include Industry Development events, quality networking, pitches and private screenings for industry. Over 25 countries participated in 2016. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is a major destination for film and television productions. Films like Spotlight, Crimson Peak, Suicide Squad, The Hulk and Robocop are just a few films that have taken advantage of Hamilton’s many incredible locations. Producers love the additional tax credits, Directors love the “anywhere is here” look of the city, and people love seeing it on screen! Filmmakers around the world are choosing the Hamilton Film Festival as a required stop, and we want YOU to be a part of this growing scene that is on the verge of expanding into a not-so-hidden gem! See you and your film in Hamilton this November!