February 21st 2018 03:30 PM - February 21st 2018 05:00 PM

Smart Cities Workshop - Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

100 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Smart Cities Workshop - Hamilton Chamber of Commerce


The Federal Government's Smart Cities Challenge will invest $300 million in communities across Canada to encourage cities and their most creative minds to adopt new and innovative approaches to city-building and the digitalization of urban services. 

A smart city uses technology and data to improve livability and opportunities for the city and its people.

Smart cities have the potential to improve every aspect of community life – how people move around, how they live and play, how they earn a living, how they learn and are empowered to participate in society, how they interact with the natural environment, and how they create safe and secure public spaces. Modeled on similar challenges in the United States, the government will award prizes worth up to $50 Million to cities under different size categories. For more information, please click here.

Please join the Digital Hamilton Task Force and other business leaders as we talk about what is possible for Hamilton as a Smart City.  This workshop is your opportunity to identify what is important to your business in Hamilton.  This workshop is being held in partnership with the City of Hamilton in support of the communities pursuit of $50 Million in Smart City funding from the Federal Government.



Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Welcome to the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce is the third oldest chamber of commerce in Canada, created in 1845 by Isaac Buchanan and other merchants considered to be the “Founding Fathers” of Hamilton. Comprising many of the great leaders in Hamilton's history over its 170 years.

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