April 24th 2018 08:00 AM - April 24th 2018 10:00 AM

Food Forum: Social Media and Online Presence

175 Longwood Road South, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Food Forum: Social Media and Online Presence


Building relationships with retailers can be a challenge for business owners. Now ubiquitous, social media is an important part of a business' online presence that can greatly improves your chances of generating additional revenue, as well as help build customer loyalty. Effective social media practices allow customers, potential customers and other interested parties to engage easily with your business via channels that play important roles in their everyday lives.

About the Speaker:

Mariane Oliviera - Founder and CEO at Mary's Brigadeiro


Based in Toronto, Mary's Brigadeiro is an online shop and the first Toronto- based chocolate maker inspired by the diverse brazilian chocolate confectionery - The Brigadeiro.

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Mariane disciovered her passion for chocolate inside a small kitchen alongside her mother who produces incredible artisanal pastries in Brazil. In 2015, Mariane founded Mary's Brigadeiro, introducing the gourmet version with local ingredients, a higher percent of cacau, an obsessive attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, innovation and inspirational simplicity. 

In this session, Mariane will discuss her social media journey, her success with Pusateri's (Saks Food Hall- TO), and her experience as a new immigrant bringing a product to market that many had never heard of!


The Food Forum is a peer-to-peer group for IF clients working in the Food sector as well as individuals considering entrepreneurship in this sector, and entrepreneurs with early stage businesses who want to learn and discuss from and with like- minded peers.

These sessions aim to bring together entrepreneurs and industry experts to discuss common challenges in the food industry, and to learn best practices.



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