November 12th 2016 07:00 PM - November 12th 2016 11:30 PM

Jennifer Budd w/ Melissa Marchese & Moonhead

95 King Street East, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Jennifer Budd w/ Melissa Marchese & Moonhead


Home sweet Hamilton! 

The last stop on JENNIFER BUDD's 'Lip Service Tour'
Supported by Melissa Marchese
with special guest, Moonhead (formerly Saishubi)

Instagram: @jenniferbudd_official
Twitter: @JenniferBudd

Growing up in Ontario, Canada, Jennifer Budd fell in love with music early on. Her mother, a church singer who raised her on musicals and folk legends influenced her love for music and the arts, and she found her way to the stage. Jennifer attended many musical theatre camps where she met her first vocal coach, Barbara Young, at the world-renowned Shakespeare Festival Theatre Summer School. At age fourteen, she began songwriting after her piano teacher, Debbie Robertson, encouraged her to write for the academy’s annual performance. Over the years Jen has been coached by multiple teachers such as Janet Obermeyer, Charmaine Brown, Kitchener (the only Brett Manning Associate in Canada), and Brett Manning, (Singing Success.)

In 2014 Jennifer graduated from Redeemer University with a B.A in Music and a minor in Religion & Theology. Her four years at Redeemer shaped her both musically and personally allowing her to transition from a folk artist to soul and R&B.
Now based in Hamilton, Jennifer joined forces with Michael Keire, a Canadian based producer, to release her debut album, Lip Service in late fall of 2015. Inspired by everything from the blues to the melody-driven musicality of gospel music, neo-soul and funk, the album featured Jennifer’s bold and spirited debut single “Don’t Even.” With feel good vibes, heavy funk sound, and meaningful authenticity the album was an introduction to Jennifer’s approach to songwriting. Following her January 2016 appearance on the cover of Hamilton Magazine, Budd won Best New Artist of the Year and was nominated for Pop Recording of the Year at the 2016 Hamilton Music Awards.


"Melissa Marchese is a fierce, confident singer with an undeniable presence on stage," says View Magazine. "In a world full of twee singers and songwriters, Marchese boldly commands the stage with her rich voice and engaging personality."

While she might command the stage today, Melissa Marchese's musical journey has blossomed over the years with 'a little help from her friends'...

Finding her voice as a child, singing Roy Orbison and oldies with her family, and folk songs at school, exploring her love of languages in both English and in French... It was at the young age of sixteen, when Marchese's musical life would dramatically change. She'd audition to sing for the CHCH TV Mother's Day Telethon and ended up meeting the musical director - one of North America’s most respected voice coaches named Elaine Overholt (John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renée Zellweger) and Overholt saw promise in Marchese's talents.

"She wanted to work with me... but she was so busy, I had to wait a good year," remembers Marchese. "Then she pretty much changed all of what singing was for me - not just singing, Elaine made me believe in myself."

Marchese matured in her talents and fell in love with the hard rock and emotional release from the likes of the Foo Fighters, Alanis Morrissette and the modern alternative rock of the '90s. It was that adreneline fueled music that shaped her psyche. She'd form and front Weekend Riot Club - a hard rock band that fueled those musical loves and showcased her dynamic vocal range and prowess. For three years, Weekend Riot Club rock stages small and large, garnering some media attention and finally the attention of some more important industry types.

World class producer/engineer Nick Blagona (Deep Purple, Alexisonfire, April Wine) saw real promise for Marchese and Weekend Riot Club. When he took on the role of producing Weekend Riot Club's debut full length, "Psychotropia", Blagona would capitalize on the band's hard rock riffs but with a stong focus on Marchese's vocals. When she sings, Marchese can slap you to attention with a roar like a lioness and then lull you back down with an angelic touch.

"From Nick Blagona, I learned how to serve the songs," says Marchese," and I learned the magic that is making a record. Nick made me believe in magic, life and love all over again."

It is that struggle for love that drives everything about Melissa Marchese in her music and in life, and she's now in the newest phase of her musical journey. It's a little scarier not being part of a band, but Melissa Marchese is focusing on spotlighting the new voice she's found on her musical journey as a solo artist. 

Of course, musical heavyweights from around the Hamilton music scene are still helping Marchese bring her voice to the stage - like Greg Brisco (Ginger St. James, Dinner Belles), Tyrone Ramsay (Ginger St. James, Blind Mule), Jimmy Hayes (Harlan Pepper), KP O'Connor (June & July), Adam Michael (Say Yes, Saint Alvia), Brad Germain (Dinner Belles, The Marble Index) or even Juno winner Jesse O'Brien (Harrison Kennedy, Colin James, Lee Harvey Osmond).

Marchese has entered a new phase of her musical journey, focusing more on the dynamics of soul that live and breath within the rock millieu she so loves... Melissa Marchese is finding her own voice now on this wild musical journey - personal and poignant songs, with a full band or simply with a piano - it's that voice that stands out...

She is poised to return to the studio with Blagona to fashion her solo debut soon... but for now, Melissa Marchese is excited to bring her new music to new audiences. With every new song she writes, Marchese offers another facet to her complex loves, and with every note she sings, Marchese leaves audiences enthralled...

be love. spread love. that's it. that's all.


Social Media:
Instagram: @saishubi
Twitter: @saishubimusic


Moonhead is a band of seven Toronto boys making music simply to find something pure in this hectic world. Known for their high-energy live performances, the band is an invigorating experience that only wants to excite people and open their minds! Moonhead is a hardworking, passionate band that is constantly trying to push their own boundaries as well as the boundaries of those listening. The band has already accomplished a lot in its short life so far. They have opened for Motown icons The Commodores and recorded with legendary engineer/producer Al Schmitt, to begin with. In Spring 2016, the band was cast as Dr. Frank-N-Furter's band in FOX's upcoming remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so stay tuned in October to see them on the big screen! Moonhead has one album and one music video out, and is about to begin recording their second album. The band has a lot to say, so keep listening.


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