May 3rd 2019 09:00 AM - May 3rd 2019 05:00 PM

How To Get Un-stuck & Move Forward

275.00 - 295.00
46 Carden Street, Guelph, ON, Canada

How To Get Un-stuck & Move Forward


Why Take This Workshop?

• Do you get held back by thoughts like: I might fail, I am an impostor, I am not trained or qualified enough, I don't deserve this success, I am too old or inexperienced etc.?
• Have you ever had a great idea that just never gets executed?
• Would you like to move forward with your business or career but you just stay where you are?
• Do you have trouble choosing between options?
• Do you get blocked by a myriad of tasks that all seem far more important than moving forward with something that might make a huge positive impact in your life?

Our greatest ideas, our best work and optimal moments in our life are often hampered because we just get stuck.

This 7-step practice is designed to help individuals relinquish what blocks them choosing between important life or business options, to move forward with a new idea or take the next step in executing decisions or major life transitions. It cuts through the fog of uncertainty, fear, and apprehension to bring clarity and confidence to their decision making.

The workshop pulls from research in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Positive Psychology, Career Management and Leisure Studies as well as extensive practical experience gained in successfully helping clients get unstuck in career planning and job search

Reflection during the day will provide an opportunity for group and professional feedback

Career Aviators is accepting a limited number participants (18) to take part in this workshop.

Your Facilitators

Wayne Greenway

Wayne Greenway has devoted his career to helping individuals and organizations thrive. As the founder of Career Aviators, he has empowered clients and workshop participants to take control of their future. He developed the Career Aviators methodology into a proven strategy for successful career transitions. 93% of his clients find careers in which they excel, value highly and love to do. On a daily basis, he helps clients get unstuck in career and life decisions.
Prior to Career Aviators, Wayne spent more than 20 years honing his facilitation skills, teaching in the Faculty of Medicine/Health Sciences at Queen’s University and leading experiential learning workshops for wide range of national, provincial and local organizations. He most recently managed the highly successful 2nd and 4th Canadian Conferences on Positive Psychology. When not running his business, you will find him farming, cooking or endlessly trying to get into shape!

Kimberley Wakefield

Kimberley Wakefield is in the final stages of completing her Master’s in Science in Applied Positive Psychology at Bucks New University, in the UK. She is also a certified coach, positive psychology enthusiast, avid soccer player, single mom of two plus a few pets. Her background is in marketing and communications having worked in corporate, agency and not-for-profit arenas. She holds an MBA from Dalhousie University in Halifax and her undergraduate alma mater is McGill University in Montreal. Kimberley is passionate about bringing the science behind leading flourishing, fulfilling lives to everyone.

Process for the Day

Welcome and Introductions

Get Mindful 
Mindfulness is a process of awareness. It involves paying attention to experience in the moment as opposed to being caught up in thoughts (Harris 2009)
Mindfulness is spending any amount of time focused on one object while you let all of your other thoughts and feelings pass through your mind without attending to them.
With practice, you can experience a whole new world as you focus on the present. It is the platform from which to grow permanently unstuck

Wake -Up Your Inner Observer
Realizing that you have the ability to separate harmful thoughts from what you observe in any situation transforms your perception of events as they unfold in the present.

Separating The Meaning From The Words In Harmful Thoughts
Trying to deny, bury or understand your harmful thoughts is a common strategy that fails but separating thoughts from the meaning we have attached to them  disempowers their hold on us and enable you to get past the blockage

Refreshments and Reflection

Get Clear on your Happiness & Renewal
Science tells that happiness is fleeting when you do not understand it or when you try too hard to grasp it. Getting clear on what makes you truly happy, fulfilled and renewed will inform the strengths and values you choose to act on as you become unstuck.

Knowing what matters to you is critical to being unstuck. It enables you to powerfully drive your strengths forward in solid alignment with your true values and what brings you happiness.

Lunch (30 min)

Create Your Story
Your story is your life compass, Creating a powerful story about what you choose to bring forward in your future will keep you unstuck

Refreshments and Check in -- Applications For Those We Serve

Acting on Your Strengths In The Direction of Your Values 
Setting a useful action plan to time activate your story will make it come to successful fruition

Evaluation for Future Sessions
Your input will guide the development of future workshops

Celebratory Refreshments and Certificates
We will celebrate your hard work and your chosen path to change with a celebration




Career Aviators

Our mission is to provide funding to innovative youth leadership initiatives in Guelph, Ontario to strengthen the resilience of youth living in stressful life situations. We do this through the delivery of leading edge career management consultation services designed to advance the careers of our clients. We work weekly with clients, from across Canada, to find jobs in which they will excel, value highly and love to do. We see clients face to face in Toronto, Guelph, Hamilton, and Kitchener and by Skype, phone and email in all other regions.

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