November 14th 2016 11:00 AM - November 18th 2016 05:30 PM

(Trans)Forming Mac

1280 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON, Canada

(Trans)Forming Mac


Join WGEN and QSCC November 14th-18th for a week of trans focused programming and events! 


Workshop: “What is Gender?!”

MUSC 318


If someone were to ask you, “What is gender?”, how would you respond? Is it really as simple as “girls play with dolls” and “boys play with cars”? Is gender really a spectrum? What if we thought about gender as a world map? Come and explore some fun gender models and gender theories with us! Open to trans, gender nonconforming, and gender questioning folks, as well as allies!


Movie Screening

MUSC 204


Looking for a musical Monday night study break? Come join us in our space (MUSC 204) for a toll-free screening of everyone’s favourite multiracial-casted theatrical show! Popcorn and tea will be provided.



Workshop: “To Pass or Not to Pass?”

MUSC 313


A critical look at the element of “passing”; that is, how well a gender non-conforming person is perceived to conform to the binary. We will discuss why passing matters in some ways, and why it absolutely does not matter in others. This is not a workshop on methods of passing, but a discussion of the term and related issues.


Trans Community Group

MUSC 302

The second meeting of McMaster’s trans community group welcomes members new and old. We hope to provide a safe, calm environment for students to take a break, relax, and enjoy some cocoa and snacks!



Workshop: Trans on Campus

MUSC 203

2:30-3:30 ~ Trans only session

3:30-4:30 ~ Open session

“Where are the gender-neutral washrooms in MUSC?”
“How do I change my name on my email?”

“Where can I find trans-inclusive health care clinics in the Hamilton area?”

Come and chat in a closed workshop about navigating spaces on campus and in Hamilton as a trans person.

The second half of this event is open to allies who want to learn how to support trans and gender nonconforming folks on campus.



Clothing kits

MUSC 301


As a trans person, accessing clothing that accurately represents your gender expression is often times a dangerous and uncomfortable experience. We will be providing free clothing at this event for self-identifying trans or questioning persons. Pre-packaged clothing kits and binders will also be available at the event. If you are unable to attend the person, you can access the QSCC’s Clothing Packages Program, a free and confidential service, throughout the year. Email to use this service. Binders are also available from WGEN at



Self-Expression Night

MUSC 203


Come de-stress and make new friends while expressing your artistic side. We will be painting images that describe our perceptions and experience of gender on small canvases.



Trans(lating) History Timeline

Wilson Building 1811



This art piece invites you to walk through 50 years of trans(lated) history in Canada and the United States. Through a cross-section of societal responses to and constructions of trans and gender nonconforming identities, the timeline provides an exploration of the (often violent) erasures of these identities and lives, as well as the beauty of trans and gender nonconforming resilience and strength. The piece acts as critical lens on (trans) history, prompting questions like: whose histories are valued? Who benefits from these events and these sorts of visibility? What groups are our movements failing?


Trans Walk of Remembrance

Wilson Building 1811



Join WGEN, QSCC, and other allies on campus on a candlelight vigil to commemorate all those lost of anti-trans violence this year. We will begin our walk of remembrance at the Trans History Timeline art showcase, and continue to with a designated accessible walk around campus (~15 minutes).


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