November 8th 2018 09:00 PM - November 8th 2018 11:00 PM

Documentary Shorts - Hamilton Film Festival

27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Documentary Shorts - Hamilton Film Festival


A Racing Heart, 15m, Dunville, Andrew Dickhout 

John Dickhout, a recent heart transplant survivor, attempts to cross the final goal off of his bucket list as a documentary crew follows him on a weekly basis. His goal; to run a 10k in under 60 minutes, and show the progress he has made in the 2 years since his life was saved. While training John regales us with stories about his near death experiences, and his desire to prove himself after a stranger and their family's choice to donate helped give his life new meaning.

Nana, 5m, Montreal, Ali Kellner

The story of how my Hungarian grandmother survived as a Jewish prisoner during the Holocaust.

Centenarian, Canada, 5m, Clifford Miu

Centenarian is a partly-animated short documentary about a 104 year old Canadian Chinese man who discusses his current thoughts with his visiting grand-daughter after his last friend recently passed away.

Drowning in Sands, 30m, Sudan, Lucy Provan

Two Sudanese inventors determined to stop the desert from swallowing up their country. Despite international sanctions and a failing economy, they succeed in building Sudan’s first robot farmer and enter it into a national TV competition.

Men overboard, 7m, Quebec, Alexandre Rufin

Last day at sea, memories flock.

Why I Hate the Suburbs, 13m, Dawson City / Hamilton, Christopher Healey

A failed artist returns to his former home town of Hamilton, Ontario, to finally confront his stored paintings and his friends who have been housing them for years–thus completing his transition from painter to filmmaker.

Thousands of Lullabies, 8m, Hungary, Maryam Bayani

Everyday thousands of babies are being born. Still they are all unique to their parents.Thousands of Lullabies is a symphony of mass-productive side of birth, comparing to its uniqueness.

The Details, 6m, Los Angeles, Ashley Eakin

A love letter.

Audrey, 7m, Vancouver, Ryan Sudds

Audrey Jerome started bowling in 1947 at the Grandview Lanes. She still bowls there today. Her average is 158. This is her story.

Rainbow Children - Portrait of Elika, 13m, Belgium, Maryam Bayani  

Rainbow Children, is a series of portraits from many kids in Belgium with dual origins in pursue of their identity. This time, it is Elika's turn...



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