April 17th 2019 07:00 PM - April 17th 2019 11:00 PM

National Canadian Film Day - Hamilton Film Festival

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27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

National Canadian Film Day - Hamilton Film Festival


The Hamilton Film Festival is thrilled to once again participate in National Canadian Film Day! To date, we have screened 721 Canadian Films! We'll make it 723 on April 17th! 



TJ McGibbon, who played young Vanya in the Umbrella Academy, will join us during our pre-show starting at 5:30pm!




THE BLAME CHAIN is a short that was made by kids during the March Break "Kids Can Film" camp. After the 5 minute film is over, the kids will do a proper Q&A with the audience. Help encourage our young kids to be creative and come on out and see what they have made!




Rick Moranis, Dave Thomas

Dress as a hoser for a chance to win prizes! 

A Canadian comedy classic, Strange Brew follows lovable hosers Bob and Doug McKenzie (Moranis and Thomas, respectively) on an epic adventure soaked with beer and filled with doughnuts.

When her father dies suddenly, Pam (Griffin) is orphaned, and control of her family’s brewery threatens to fall into the hands of the conniving Brewmeister Smith (von Sydow). In stumble Bob and Doug, who land jobs as beer inspectors when their scheme involving a mouse in a bottle impresses the brewery brass.

Hilarity ensues as the boys attempt to foil the Brewmeister’s sinister plot to take over the world. Though the film appears at first glance to be a bonehead comedy, it is a deceptively clever farce based on William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Long before Wayne and Garth or Beavis and Butt-Head, there was Bob and Doug. Canada is proud to call them our own.

Filmed partially in Hamilton! 



LET HIM BE (10th Anniversary)

Peter McNamee

Director Peter McNamee in attendance 

Let Him Be is a fascinating film about two undergrad film students Tim Bennett (Sean Clement) & Kathleen Joyce (Kathleen Munroe) who discover a long thought to be dead rock icon living in a remote part of Canada. It all begins when Tim discovers a clip of an old man playing guitar on a tape found jammed inside an old video camera his father gave him. The man in the video is older now but the resemblance to John Lennon is uncanny.

Filmed partially in Hamilton with local cast and crew! 



National Canadian Film Day has always been about encouraging all Canadians to celebrate the incredible achievements of our nation’s filmmakers.

In 2017, NCFD 150 was an event of unprecedented size and scope, which reached an astonishing number of people across the country and around the world. In April 2018, nearly 900 events were held on the fifth annual NCFD, and thousands of Canadians here and abroad helped it take root as an annual tradition. We want Canadians everywhere to watch a great Canadian film on April 17, 2019.



Hamilton Film Festival

The 14th annual Hamilton Film Festival is Hamilton's largest and longest running film festivals with roots that go back 20 years! ​ We have screened over 1000 films, 700 of them Canadian Films! Filmmakers, travel to our event, from all over the world. We connect filmmakers and give them another voice. ​We celebrate the art of movie making from concept to completion. From the budding filmmaker to the pro, we are always working to move the film industry in Hamilton a little further each year! The event is a leader in the local film community, bringing industry development and quality networking opportunities throughout the year. The Canadian Film Market, Lights Camera Hamilton, Southern Ontario Film Festival Group and Kids Can Film are all initiatives of the Hamilton Film Festival.

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