November 10th 2019 01:00 PM - November 10th 2019 03:00 PM

Local Shorts - Hamilton Film Festival

177 Sherman Avenue North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Local Shorts - Hamilton Film Festival


Plus Q&A

Films made by Hamiltonians!  This program sold out last year (300 seats) Only 250 tickets available for this years screening.

Erin, dir. Myles Yaksich, 18m, USA (Born in Hamilton)
After finding a lost letter, an astronautical engineering student seeks escape from 1960s academia by becoming pen-pals with a mysterious Brit; when they finally meet, he must decide what's more important, reality or fantasy.

Lemon Tree, 12m, dir. Scout Stolpmann (Hamilton producer Rob Andino)

After a high school tragedy, Jason accidentally gets himself into hot water when he gives the wrong person “finger guns.”

Soul Technician, dir. Taylor Wice, wr. Patrick Ritcey, 12m, Hamilton
Rock and Roll will save your soul. Nigel has big dreams of being a rockstar, but is stuck in his morbid and boring job in the afterlife: collecting the souls of the recently deceased. Everything changes when he puts his career (and mortal soul) on the line in order to save the life of a musically gifted client.

​Adam Adamson: Licensed Realtor, Adriano Valentini, 7m, USA (Director from Hamilton)
Adam Adamson is a homeless Real Estate Agent. This is his promotional video.

Meet Chris Vrancis: The Eyes of the Father, Ryan Dunlop, 13m, Hamilton

The Father of the bride instructs his son and associate to do a thourough background check, throughout Hamilton, on his future son-in-law...a former Montreal Allouette.  

By The Woods, Nik Benn, 3m, Canada (Hamilton producer David Walpole )
A bounty hunter picks up the trail, in this retelling of the classic poem by Robert Frost.

Clean Ice, March Mercanti, 10m, Hamilton
The legacy of a run-down hockey arena is at stake.

Such a Small Thing, dir. Shelly Hong, Wr. Juno Rinaldi, 10m
A woman in her 40's goes back to her small hometown to confront her boyfriend of the assault that happened when they were teens.

Binge, David J. Fernandes, 13m, Hamilton
A mysterious envelope arrives at Jen's door, sending her on an increasingly dangerous hunt to discover its intent.

Backyard Astronaut, 16m, Aron Safranyos, Hamilton
An aspiring Astronaut named Aron reaches for the stars with the help of his Grandfather and childhood friend. This life long dream seems within reach and Aron quickly learns that the power of imagination is something to always take seriously.

Sunbreak, Dir. Matthew Surina, Wr. Devin Bateson, 11m, Hamilton
After learning that his wife has been cheating on him with the sun, Rob goes on an adventure with his neighbor Becky to replace a broken gnome.



Hamilton Film Festival

The 14th annual Hamilton Film Festival is Hamilton's largest and longest running film festivals with roots that go back 20 years! ​ We have screened over 1000 films, 700 of them Canadian Films! Filmmakers, travel to our event, from all over the world. We connect filmmakers and give them another voice. ​We celebrate the art of movie making from concept to completion. From the budding filmmaker to the pro, we are always working to move the film industry in Hamilton a little further each year! The event is a leader in the local film community, bringing industry development and quality networking opportunities throughout the year. The Canadian Film Market, Lights Camera Hamilton, Southern Ontario Film Festival Group and Kids Can Film are all initiatives of the Hamilton Film Festival.

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