November 9th 2019 07:00 PM - November 9th 2019 09:00 PM


27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada




Great North American Short Films under 10 minutes

The Writer's Room Pt 1, Craig F Watkins. 4m, Canada
Two aspiring writer's, Char and Ang, try to think of an idea in their basement.

Silent But Deadly, Maninder Chana, 4m, Canada
A Ninja comes home to find several people waiting for him in his dark apartment.

Advances, Tyler J. Seguin, 7m, Canada
To secure her promotion, Nancy just needs to make it through a dinner party, but when a well-meaning colleague suggests that the boss and his wife have a secret, every word and gesture take on a double meaning.

Photo Bomb, 9m, Catherine Dyer, USA
Four strong women, two bumbling goons and one pair of red sunglasses make for a night to remember.

Stripped, 9m, Claire Bronson, USA
Johnny and Esper seek solitude from the weight of the world, but when they find they're unexpectedly in the company of a stranger their worlds collide.

Copenhagen Road, Lee Chambers, 8m, Canada
Late one night Craig, a mechanic, reluctantly agrees to help Nicole, a desperate young woman with a flat tire, in a car all too familiar to him. Nicole's mysterious incident on the old Copenhagen Road slowly strikes an eerie note for Craig and brings his own shady past rushing forward.

7A, Matt King, 10m, Canada
A woman recording a video in her apartment is interrupted by a maintenance worker and forced into a precarious situation. Crafted masterfully by Zachary Russell, 7A is a genre-bending film that leaves you gasping for air.

Flight of the Dodo, Taras Demian Groves, 10m, Canada

A young boy who dreams of flying struggles to escape the confines of his difficult life.

Double Date, Josef Beeby / Grace Gordon, 2m, Canada
A tiny difference in first impressions turns into two very different first dates.

Don't Touch It, Kirsten Johnson, 2m, Canada
Poison Ivy. Don't.

Think Piece, Adriano Valentini, 3m, Canada
A couple that thinks together...

Lysistrata 2.0, Kai Soremekun, 4m, Canada
It’s time for a revolution! In the bedroom and at the polls. When low voter turnout threatens to weaken democracy, women everywhere take matters into their own hands and go on a sex strike.

Art Show, Claire Dub, 4m, Canada / USA
The legitimacy of an influential artist's work is called into question.

Love Thongs, Carlo Essagian, 6m, Canada
A couple with an insatiable sexual appetite seek out the help of a couples therapist in order to split up and put an end to their naughty escapades.

Homecoming, Jennifer Blair, 6m, USA
When a college sophomore returns home to share some important news with his parents, things don’t go exactly as he had expected… until they do.

The Writer's Room Pt2. Craig F Watkins, 4m, Canada
Several years later, Char and Ang are still trying to hash out ideas, but aren't having any luck



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