November 7th 2019 07:00 PM - November 7th 2019 08:45 PM

Emerging - Hamilton Film Festival

27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Emerging - Hamilton Film Festival


Every year, the Hamilton Film Festival dedicates screen-time to the next generation of filmmakers, but don't let that keep you back, these are some incredible films! You will see some amazing animaiton, dramas, a documentary, and some that are just too fun! 

The Incomplete, Erfan Parsapour, 7m, Iran
First Time Filmmaker
An animated short about a hungry Otter who is obsessed with perfection. His desire to live in a perfect world may cost him the chance for happiness in the real world.

Midnight Marathon, Jonah Haber, 19m, Canada
Student Project
When the whole world is hypnotized by an unexplained celestial event, a young boy must face his fear of the unknown in order to keep his brother and best friend from turning to the other side.

Breathalizer, Martin Czachor, 13m, Canada
Student Project
A young teenager looks to exploit his alcoholic father
in order to get what he needs for his first party.

Drawn To You, Eleanor Davitt, 4m, Canada
First Time Filmmaker / Student Project
In a story about staying true to yourself, the drawing Laura travels across the obstacles of a bedroom to reunite with her lover Rena, despite the risks it brings.

Father By Law, Maria De Sanctis, 18m, USA / Canada
Student Project
A father attempts to reconnect with his daughter on her wedding day.

Prisoner of Society, Rati Tsiteladze, 15m, Georgia, Urasia
First Time Filmmaker
Prisoner of Society is an intimate journey into the world and mind of a young transgender woman, who has been locked away from the outside world for the past decade.

Dirt Ash Meat, Sion Thomas,12m,UK
First Time Filmmaker
During the devastating foot and mouth outbreak of 2001, Rhian and her brother Dewi struggle to keep the Welsh hill farm they inherited from their father running. As the disease reaches their doorstep Rhian tries to control her increasingly unstable brother.

Two Balloons, Mark C. Smith, 9m, USA
First Time Filmmaker
Two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion.


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