November 9th 2019 03:30 PM - November 9th 2019 05:00 PM

Music Documentaries - Hamilton Film Festival

10.00 - 15.00
27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Music Documentaries - Hamilton Film Festival



Band Geeks, Morgan Elliot, 44m, Canada
In less than four months 220 teenage performers will step on the world stage at the pinnacle event for marching bands: the Rose Parade. These teenage musicians are disciplined, motivated and talented. The stakes are high, and they only have one chance to get it right.

There will be frustration and set-backs mixed with joy and excitement as these high-school students prep for the biggest parade in their marching career. We get to know three band members, as they try to balance the emotional and physical pressures of being world-class performers with home, school, and work life.

Emmy-nominated producer Morgan Elliott is an adventurer and storyteller. She has crafted an award-winning career from the most exotic and remote corners of the world writing, producing, and directing television shows and documentaries. She has shot in over 45 countries and launched and produced 12 television series.


The Music of Madness, Tate Young, 52m, Canada 
Composer Adrian Ellis is charged with scoring the strangest, most violent film of his career. He abandons his classical instruments to create music from items as ugly as the film itself: discarded metal boxes, power saws, jars, crowbars. He plays them with drumsticks, with violin bows, he pulls apart a piano and plays it with fishing wire. It’s a creative and poetic documentary that takes us through the demanding process of composing a film score. THE MUSIC OF MADNESS is an exploration of the challenges and power of experimentation, hand-crafted for any filmmaker, composer, cinephile or musician alike.

(some disturbing scenes when they show clips of the film)

Tate Young is a multidisciplinary filmmaker whose work spans documentary, sci-fi features, journalism, TV, and short films. He has directed numerous short documentaries, including the poetic viral-hit HOW INK IS MADE.

Young was picture editor on the investigative journalism series 16X9 (GlobalTV) for several seasons, and directed multiple doc series including: MADE IN TORONTO, Sportsnet’s CANADIAN CATHEDRALS, Maclean’s BEST RESTAURANT digital series, and BookTV’s 3-DAY NOVEL CONTEST.

He directed the dramatic sci-fi digital series HAPHEAD, and the award-winning sci-fi feature GHOSTS WITH SHIT JOBS. His short sci-fi horror film TIMEBOX premiered on CBC’s CANADIAN REFLECTIONS in October. His short film HYPERNOVA will be shooting in 2019.

Tate grew up in Canadian mining towns as the son of two English teachers, and now lives in Toronto. He has worked as a professional fly fisherman, a lumberjack, and once owned a pink ambulance. The MUSIC OF MADNESS is his first mid-length documentary.


Stay for the full day! 

If you wish to attend the full day of Industry Events leading up to this screening, there is an option on this page for $15 that includes everything. 

10am - Unifor Nabet 700-M - Crew union in the GTA

11am - Actra Toronto - Talent union in the GTA

1pm - Jason Macdonald (Vampire Diaries) Catherine Dyer (Stranger Things) both SAG-AFTRA members to speak about their on-screen experience. They are also co-owners of Drama Inc. in Atlanta. 

2:00 - Music and Film: Merging Mediums in the art of Storytelling

3:30 - Music Docmentaries



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