November 23rd 2019 07:30 PM - November 23rd 2019 10:00 PM

Mirroring: A Concert & Art Show

10.00 - 20.00
16 Steven Street, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Mirroring: A Concert & Art Show


Hanna Bech Presents
"Mirroring": A Concert and Art Show

4 Visual Artists + 4 Musicians
Trade pieces and songs, then create new work based on the trade.

Robyn Lightwalker & Hanna Bech
Anthony Haley & Wax Mannequin
Petra Matar & Nick Zyla
Carolina Gama & Rachel Nolan

Saturday, November 23. Doors: 7:30pm. Show: 8:00.

Robyn Lightwalker
Robyn Lightwalker is an artist who does lots of art because art is good. Sometimes she paints butts, sometimes she draws animals, sometimes she sculpts faces with holes in them. She aspires to keep doing what she is doing now and keep improving until her hands fall off, then she will learn to paint with her feet!

Hanna Bech
Hanna Bech's goal is to turn feelings and visuals into sound portrayals that reach deep into your heart. She writes profoundly emotional music, that somehow always has a touch of whimsy. In 2019, Hanna was recognized as the City of Hamilton’s emerging artist leader in community arts. Sounds like: Regina Spektor, a hopeful Amanda Palmer, Kate Bush

Anthony Haley
Anthony Haley is a surrealist portrait artist from Hamilton, Ontario. Anthony’s work blends styles of classical portraiture painting, illustration and photo-collage with contemporary street art styles and textures. He's a human, no need to question that either.

Wax Mannequin
Wax Mannequin is the stage name of Chris Adeney, a Canadian indie rock singer-songwriter. His style has been described as "a hybrid of Bruce Cockburn and Frank Zappa", "Tom Waits and Type O Negative jamming on the early Beatles catalogue", and "Rheostatics via Savatage". Carl Wilson of The Globe and Mail noted that "crowds are often baffled whether to be awed, irritated or amused by Wax's all-rockets-flaring, un-Canadian-like extravagant performances" (2004).

Petra Matar
Petra is a multidisciplinary artist and architect living and working in Hamilton, Ontario. Petra grew up in Dubai, UAE, where she received a Bachelor of Architecture from The American University of Sharjah in 2011. Since moving to Hamilton in 2011, she has worked with dpai architecture inc. Petra's visual art is marked by emotionally evocative human form and intuitive free form line work.

Nick Zyla
Zyla is an artist from Edmonton, Alberta. Highly influenced by Beck and Jack Daniels he now roams southern Ontario clanking the same old chords, and has completed 172 studio albums.

Carolina Gama
CAROLINA GAMA was born in 1979 and raised in Brazil. She is a visual artist who has used collage, textile and video as medium for her confessional and feminist art. Since acquiring a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts in 2005, Carolina has shown her work in Guatemala, Kenya, Brazil, Belgium and Canada while also working with film as a graphic designer, editor and director. After battling breast cancer in 2014, Carolina moved to Canada with the purpose of living in an intentional community, and has focused on using art as a healing tool to express her experiences through diverse media.

Rachel Nolan
Rachelis a harpist and a human. But she spends most days shoddily disguised as a serious therapist.




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