March 1st 2017 07:00 PM - March 1st 2017 09:00 PM

Collective Arts Stratos Dev Night

207 Burlington Street East, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Collective Arts Stratos Dev Night


Do you enjoy games and beer? Come celebrate the launch of our first expansion, and collaborate with the lead designer on a new scenario. No experience necessary! FREE ADMISSION AND SNACKS.

Stratos: Light in the Darkness is an expansion and stand-alone set for Stratos, a board game of resources, magic, exploration and combat for 2-5 players. Resources begin mysteriously appearing along fault lines, but when you take them, dangerous monsters may appear, requiring alliances with your enemies to survive.

Developed in Hamilton, Stratos has been featured on leading tabletop website Bell of Lost Souls. Jacob Chodoriwsky, CEO of Board and Tale Games of Hamilton, has given talks on game design and publishing at The Brantford Games Network, CoderCamp Hamilton, and on AM900CHML Radio.



Jacob Chodoriwsky

Board and Tale Games Inc. is an independent, Canadian board game publisher based in Hamilton, Ontario. ​​We believe games should be simple enough that anyone can learn, but with enough complexity and depth to make for play that is not only exciting, but memorable as well. Jacob Chodoriwsky is CEO of Board and Tale, and Lead Designer of Stratos. He lives in Hamilton with his wife and twin boys. * Hey it's me. I love this city and all it has to offer. Collective Arts is one of the best places to have a fun game night out, and I'm always happy to meet new people and teach you to play my game, all it takes is 5 minutes to get started. See you Wednesday! *

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