April 7th 2017

April 7th 2017

06:30 PM

10:30 PM EST

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123 King Street West, Hamilton, ON, Canada

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gritLIT Friday Evening Pass

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Justice for All? (6:30 pm)

A revealing look at the Canadian legal system and the people whose lives it affects. Featuring reporter Christie Blatchford (Life Sentence) and memoirist Diane Schoemperlen (This Is Not My Life). 

Identity and Self-Determination (8:00 pm)

Join Ivan Coyote (Tomboy Survival Guide), Bev Sellars (Price Paid) and Leslie Shimotakahara (After the Bloom) for an illuminating discussion about how we identify ourselves and how we are identified by others.  

Fantastical Fiction (9:30 pm)

Guy Gavriel Kay (Children of Earth and Sky) and Lesley Livingston (The Valiant) share otherworldly tales of pirates, spies and female gladiators.  


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Art Gallery of Hamilton

123 King Street West, Hamilton, ON, Canada

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