How To Manage

Quickly and easily monitor all of your event logistics in one place.



Monitor attendance, tickets sold and revenue earned. See what tickets have been performing best.

Create Tickets


Import or export contact lists. Send invites to your network to boost your event’s attendance.

List your events

Get Paid

Input your banking information so Brüha can directly deposits your revenue into your account.

Edit Ticket

Editing Tickets

You can edit ticket quantities and price at any time. You can also add new tickets as required.

Contacting tickets buyers

You can directly contact individuals or the entire ticket buyer list by using our Contact button in the Ticket Sold page.

Contact Ticket Buyer
Resend Tickets

Resending Tickets

You can resend individual tickets by using our Resend button in the Ticket Sold page.

Refund Tickets

You can refund either individuals or entire ticket buyer lists by using Brüha refund option in the Tickets Sold page.

Refund Tickets


Brüha’s Terms and Conditions require organizers to refund their entire Tickets Sold lists before cancelling an event. If the event cancellation is due to extraordinary circumstances, we ask the organizer to contact our sales team at info[at]bruha.com.

Checking in

You can scan tickets or manually check attendees into your event using our web and app products. Check out our Managing the Door page to learn more.

Checking In